about jacora partners

Creating a Name ... and a Business!

 In making the transition from a long-time organizational leader to an independent consultant, it would have been easy for Ted to simply name the enterprise after himself (e.g., Wilson Consultants). Instead, he has drawn inspiration from both his family and his long ties to the New England coast. Pulling initials from the names of his two children and wife allowed Ted to create a special name that has personal meaning. Ted's work has been inventive, full of inspiration, bold, independent, and inquisitive. These attributes will describe Jacora Partners in any work done with your organization. 

Ted also sought to infuse his consulting work with the freshness of spirit found on early morning walks along the beaches of Southern Maine. The Jacora logo uses the  symbol of a common sand dollar. The five-fingered natural design imprinted on these beach treasures perfectly reflects the suite of five core services he brings to his consulting work. These shells evoke memories of walks on the beach at low tide when the sands are teeming with a variety of shells and treasures; but it is as the waters recede that the sand dollar itself is most often revealed. So will our work together reveal new insights and creative ways to address difficult challenges in your workplace.

Finally, why “Partners”? In this consultancy, Ted is a sole practitioner and brings a deep reservoir of relevant experience to his work. He is the principal on all projects and assignments. However, if there is a specific challenge that requires specialized solutions, he does not hesitate to reach out and bring in outside expertise. The partners in his network are skilled professionals with whom he has worked directly over many years; their involvement always brings added value to the client.