A Wide Range of support

Our experience in these areas will help YOU

Board development. We know that a healthy board is essential for a healthy organization. We can help you with reinvigorating your board, updating bylaws, creating a shared sense of vision and mission and building your strategic plan. Some areas you may wish to look at are the role of the board and its relationship with the CEO,  ways to provide online access to key documents to aid with transparency and techniques for establishing common metrics to better tell the story of the organization.

Fundraising/development. We can assist you in creating and executing a plan to enhance your fundraising and development efforts. Through an understanding of the history of your organization, its role in the market, the present involvement of key constituencies and the history of giving, we will create a working plan for revitalizing your fundraising efforts. Whether it is creating a corporate and foundation grant-seeking plan, constructing regional or national mail campaigns, using digital media as a fundraising vehicle or helping to build special events to energize your base, we will identify ways to maximize your fundraising successes. 

Leadership searches. We will work with you to evaluate what is needed when you have a planned departure of a key leader. We will guide you in structuring a search process that will find and deliver the best match for filling your key vacancy.

Intervention/direct service.  We can  provide a short term leadership bridge following the unexpected loss of senior management personnel. With direct leadership experience in a variety of not-for-profit organizations in several states, we are ready to step in on short notice while you make plans to find a permanent leader.

Mergers/acquisitions. We can help determine if this is a feasible growth strategy for your organization. For example, how does your board stay open to this option and actively search for partners while making sure it understands the impact of combining diverse cultures? There are many potential landmines with any large organizational shift. Effective and strategic due diligence activities are essential to any successful merger or acquisition. We will help you navigate through this exciting but demanding change in your business.

Facilities planning.  We can help with assessing creative options for your organization. This might involve mixing and matching current spaces, working with landlords, setting a vision when there is time, and creating an action plan when surprises occur.

Crisis management. We understand how stressful it can be when a crisis occurs. We will help you to keep perspective while exploring all the options. We can help you to prioritize what is most important to do and create a timeline for action. In addition, we can help with understanding the stress within the organization, building communications methods to ease the stress, dealing with the public and helping people stay calm when everyone’s in a panic

Human resources.  We can help determine whether your organization is staying current with State and Federal laws, including such topics as new sick leave laws and overtime laws.We will conduct reviews of policy manuals and help develop written procedures and employee  handbooks that reflect your culture and satisfy regulatory demands.

Compliance assistance. We can help ensure that your organization is compliant with Massachusetts regulatory bodies.We are knowledgeable about the ways organizations can work within those regulations to stay licensed and can help you address conflicts with governmental oversight groups.


Technology planning. We can help you develop a web-based organizational manual that will bring structure to managing your technology. With the explosion of technology, it is critical to have a solid method for keeping track of hardware, software, licensing, and internal security protocols. We can help with that.