We hired Ted to train our new trustees and to give a refresher course to current trustees. Prior to the training, Ted spent a great deal of time obtaining information about our Board, any strengths and weaknesses and what we were trying to accomplish with training. This work resulted in a focused training that addressed our specific needs. The new trustee training was particularly powerful, focusing on the importance of the role of trustees and key governance issues. Our new trustees hit the ground running thanks to Ted. In the full training, he used his years of experience to help our group navigate real life scenarios through meaningful discussion and analysis. - Rachel Van der Voort, Board Chair, Cambridge (MA) Montessori School

Having had the opportunity to work with Ted for the better part of the last seven years, I have consistently been impressed with his organizational vision and his ability to take complicated circumstances and turn them into advantageous ones. I witnessed Ted firsthand as he navigated several organizational transitions, and he did so with professionalism, poise and confidence. Ted is a 21st century leader and first class problem solver and the application of his skills would certainly be of benefit to any organization he works with. - Adam Chapdelaine, Town Manager, Town of Arlington (MA)

Ted conducted a board training to better prepare the board to initiate a search for a successor to a long term founding CEO. "The review of the past history, mission and bylaws of our program was excellent, especially for those considering joining our board. The material presented will be good for the search committee when it convenes. Reviewing board responsibilities was very helpful and gave us a foundation to work with. The workshop gave us questions to grapple with that we may not have considered." - Carol Barbierri, Executive Director, Arlington Area Childcare, Inc. (VT)

As the IT director for Schools for Children, I have experienced his leadership first hand. During my first mpnth, he shared his strategic vision for the organization. He was focused on guiding the various schools to better use technology and to create opportunities for collaboration among staff members. He has very special skills for bringing people together. As a person, Ted is honorable, loyal, honest and has strong ethical principles. - Jorge Gonzalez, IT Director, Schools for Children

I have known Ted for seven years. He served on our Board of Trustees and was very instrumental in providing leadership and insight that we needed on an ongoing basis. When Ted's board term was up, we recognized there was a "skills gap" that we needed to fill and hired him as an independent consultant to provide training and to assess our protocols and procedures. He has been tremendously helpful to CMS!  Dr. Ingrid Tucker, Head of School, Cambridge Montessori School

Read Board Chair's summary of Ted's contribution to Schools for Children and announcement to the organization in the Fall, 2016: